The dipped in poetry concept is simple ~
life is more interesting when it’s dipped in poetry and marinated in prayers.

Pain may find you, but it doesn’t have the right to own you. Dipped in poetry is about the flower who finds the sun in-spite of 1000 concrete reasons to die ~ you rise. Strong enough for the life you're living, the losses you've suffered and the love you encounter. And you will become stronger still. 

Our mission is to design micro-stories that matter & use poetry to celebrate strength, elevate thought & create community. It’s a reminder to

rise on platinum wings and soar over everything”

The Poet

There was a time when my heart bled for someone who loved with rage. And the pain of letting go almost eclipsed the love of knowing exactly what to hold on to ~ God & me. And when I look back...

it’s the poetry and the prayers for me. They held me. They kept me. They healed me. 

Dipped In Poetry celebrates the journey warriors make overcoming heartache. And if I happen to ink out a story a moment, a prayer that speaks to you,
then shout it out {#DippedInPoetry} and get the tee too ~ Jamillah {Read Jamillah's Story}

and enjoy!...
poetry apparel
inspired by life & love
locally-made, faith-driven
black-designed, woman-owned
inspiration just for you. from a poetic
soul mixed with big ideas & small business creativity